Tal R, Tobenet rosa skovbryn, 2023, Canvas mounted on wood, fabric, acrylic, oil and oil crayon, 250x330x6 cm

TAL R – Weather Report

Tal R’s art is expressionistic and intuitive, playful and bold with colors, forms, figurations and abstractions. Tal R is primarily known for his colorful and immediate painting, but works freely in a range of techniques; drawing, collage, print, sculpture and installation. His art has postmodern language fragments and art historical references but is always contemporary. The art has traces of his background, a hybrid between the Danish and the Jewish. Words and signs are central, and form a kind of graffiti aesthetic. Tal R rebelliously breaks rules and shapes psychological spaces.

The exhibition “Weather Report” is an exhibition about inner experiences around nature and climate. About the abstract reality of nature. It contains a variety of dynamic works in various techniques. The works contain a strong color palette and silver that dazzles, but also a great darkness, and a blackness. A soulful nature that cannot be controlled by human logic. Tal R portrays his inner depictions of nature, and invites us to see and reflect on our own.

The place and the landscape around RAVINEN are given for the theme of the exhibition. A place to reflect more deeply, through art, about our nature and climate impact. To see, further.

Tal R (Rosenzweig) was born in 1967 in Tel Aviv, Israel, and moved at an early age to Copenhagen, Denmark, where he lives and works today. He studied at the School of Art in Copenhagen 1986–88 and at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen 1994–2000. Tal R was 2008–2014 professor at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in Germany, and has further developed and paved the way for 21st century painting. Tal R has had several internationally recognized solo exhibitions, and his work is included in a number of international collections.