Ulla och Gustav Kraitz, Tungor, Foto: Mikael Bertmar

LIFE – Parts of Ulla and Gustav Kraitz’s ceramic artistry

Ulla and Gustav Kraitz are the founders of RAVINEN. The art displayed in the Kraitz Hall is part of the donation.

Ulla (born 1936) and Gustav (born 1926) Kraitz are two artists with different educations and backgrounds. They have different temperaments and great integrity. From the beginning they worked in their respective genres. Ulla painted and Gustav sculpted. Two individual artists have developed into one artistry. Gustav Kraitz started working with ceramics early on. He developed and experimented with an ancient Chinese firing technique and glazing. This technology is unique. The Kraitz couple work both with organic and geometric shapes such as spheres and cubes as well as with realistic elements that are based on the body and nature. Together they have worked up a beauty that is completely disconnected from their egos. The forms are archaic and universal and express the origin and enigma of life.