Lars Lerin, Nosferatu, 2012, Akvarell på papper, 154x204 cm, Foto: Olof Andreas Nilsson


Lars Lerin is considered to be the Nordic region’s foremost watercolor painter and is known for his outstanding ability to capture moods and light; the Lerin light. In Lars Lerin’s painting there is a condensed presence, and moods from inner and worldly journeys. We get to follow his biographical journey through the motifs; Värmland, Lofoten, Egypt and Syria.

Lars Lerin is also a talented writer and in his writing life and art meet in close descriptions.

Lars Lerin, born in 1954, grew up in Munkfors in Värmland. He studied at Gerlesborgsskolan 1974–75 and at Valand Academy of Art in Gothenburg 1980–84. Today, Lars Lerin lives in Hammarö outside Karlstad. In Karlstad is the art museum Sandgrund Lars Lerin, inaugurated in 2012. Lars Lerin has had a large number of exhibitions at galleries and museums in the Nordics, France, Germany and the USA, and his works are included in several collections.

Lars Lerin is a popular personality who has appeared in several television programs. In 2016, he was awarded two Kristallen statuettes for the program “Vänligen Lars Lerin” (SVT); for Lifestyle Program of the Year and Male TV Profile of the Year.