Carl Fredrik Hill, MM 21053, Utan titel, 1883-1911, Papper, svartkrita, 21,2 × 34,1 cm

“Jag bor i en annan värld, men du bor ju i samma.” DRÖMMARE SÖDER OM HALLANDSÅSEN

Gunnar Ekelöf’s words show the purpose of the exhibition to present some central artists active in our vicinity, “south of Hallandsåsen”.

The dream has been intimately associated with image-making for as long as we have known images made by humans. In this exhibition, a chronological point of departure is the drawings of the dreamer Carl Fredrik Hill. They remain present for those who have once seen them and not least for the generation of artists who show their work in this exhibition.

All participating artists have an intense and creative relationship with the inner world that creates dreams. That doesn’t mean they always stay there. But they have access to it, they move across the border, reappear, disappear, come back. This inner world is for them an inalienable part of the creative impulse.

Gertrud Sandqvist