CLAY KETTER – Transcend the Horizon

Clay Ketter (b. 1961 in Brunswick, Maine) is an American-Swedish artist based in Malmö. With his subjects and different techniques in painting, sculpture and photography, his art is concerned in several ways. An artistry that problematizes our view of art. What is art? How do we view different materials in art? What role does the context and the viewer play?

Clay Ketter’s artistic activity moves between the utopias and questioning of art, and the practical concrete craft. The existential and sociopolitical questions are clear. Clay Ketter is increasingly interested in the transience of humanity.

The exhibition in RAVINE reflects on our human existence, and our coexistence with nature. It illuminates both a micro and a macro perspective in some of life’s existential questions, such as our relationship to our heritage and our surroundings.

The exhibition contains both brand new and older works. The common denominator is humanity’s impermanence – memento mori.