Ann Edholm, Oswiecim III, 2014–2022, Akryl och vinyl på duk, 260x260 cm, Galerie Nordenhake Stockholm/Berlin/Mexico City, Foto: Carl-Henrik Tillberg (bilden är beskuren)

ANN EDHOLM – Bilden pressar mot mitt öga

Ann Edholm is one of our great Swedish painters. With an intimate connection to the materials and history of painting, Ann Edholm has developed her own image world. Her abstract and expressionist painting is based on the perception of a kind of equal relationship between man and painting. The works contain interpretations of art history and medieval legends, of Jewish deportations during Nazism and of growing up in the aftermath of a war. The exhibition will be part of the in-depth work that has been going on since 2008, where Ann Edholm examines her background as the daughter of a mother from Berlin and a Germany during the Second World War. Ann Edholm will also show brand new works in RAVINE. Ann Edholm was educated at Gerlesborg School in Stockholm 1977–1978 and 1980–1981, as well as at the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm 1981–1986. She was a professor of painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts 1992–1998 and at the Valand Academy of Fine Arts in Gothenburg 1999–2002. She became a member of the Art Academy in 1999. Ann Edholm has had many exhibitions, and is part of art collections, both in Sweden and internationally. In 2012, Ann Edholm was awarded second prize at the Carnegie Art Awards. She has been commissioned to decorate the UN’s ECOSOC hall in New York with a powerful textile curtain; Dialogue.