South-southeast of Sweden with Duo HAV

HΛV is a Nordic flute and guitar duo consisting of Finnish flutist Marianne Sihvonen and Faroese guitarist Alvi Joensen.

They are an ambitious and forward-looking duo who have premiered several new works by Nordic composers, such as Sunleif Rasmussen, Ville Raasakka, Stefan Klaverdal and Ylva Fred, and who constantly work with young and promising composers. The duo focuses particularly on addressing and processing environmental issues through newly written music.

Their productions “Lyssna på vår hav” and “Jorden i mig” were the starting point for the duo and the former inspiration for their name. Through these productions, the duo established their profile as a prominent and dynamic duo. As a young duo, they have already performed on several notable concert stages, such as KoncertKirken and Metronomen in Copenhagen, Malmö Live and Inter Arts Center in Malmö, Baltic Sea Science Center in Stockholm, Odeum in Lund, Nordic House in Tórshavn and Art Chapel in Turku.

In addition to their own productions and newly written music, they also enjoy playing the fascinating standard repertoire for flute and guitar. And the program for this concert will be a mix of commissioned works and works from the standard repertoire.


Title: South-southeast of Sweden


Erik Sköld – Miniature no.9 – 4 min.

Ylva Fred – Three measures regarding the eel – approx. 10 min.

Stefan Klaverdal – The Kraken – 15 min.




Bela Bartók – Six Romanian Dances (arr. A. Levering) – 6 min.

Vojislav Ivanovic: Kad ja pođoh na Bembašu (“When I went to Bembašu”) 4 min

Miroslav Tadic – Four Macedonian Dances – about 10 min.

Arcangelo Corelli – Violin sonata in D minor op. 5 no. 12 “La Folia” variations – 12 min.