On the Road with via-nova-chor Munich

unterwegs und anderswo – on the road and elsewhere

via-nova-chor Munich goes on a journey! With them in their luggage, the choir has works that depict distant lands, fantastic means of transport and promises of the foreign. Both the travel blessing from the 13th century, set to music by Wolfram Buchenberg, and the story of a sailor from the 9th century who, despite all the difficulties, prefers to stay at sea than on land, set to music by the Finn Jaako Mäntyjärvi, provide glimpses of a time when every journey was a journey into the unknown, full of dangers.

Even more fascinating was what travelers from all over the world brought back and told about, as Thomas Weelkes describes in his madrigal. Eric Whitacre makes stylistic references to this musical era in his modern madrigal, in which Leonardo da Vinci himself dreams of flying. Ulrika Emanuelsson’s “Further in”, however, takes us away from today’s motorized traffic, which like a glittering dragon winds through the cities.

The unknown distance retains its magic even for today’s people. In “Everything is so strangely far away today” by Stefan Klaverdal there is a strangely rapturous sense of distance, and Michael Ostrzyga tries to capture the nebulous Venus in his music.

Even the texts of Bavarian poets that form the basis of the first performances are about this longing for distant lands, for an escape from everyday life.


The concert is given in collaboration with Båstad Chamber Music Association.