About the Birgit Nilsson hall

Birgit Nilsson hall

A venue and common room for various forms of scenic creation such as chamber music and jazz concerts, theatre, opera and dance performances, film screenings, symposia, lectures, literary events and more. The selection and content must correspond to the high artistic level that applies to RAVINEN, but must also provide room for experimentation and play. A unique, flexible, aesthetic and imaginative room with a new Steinway C-grand and 210 audience seats.

The Birgit Nilsson hall is carefully designed so that the acoustics will optimally suit the activities described above, and the room is characterized to a great extent by the wall elements on the side walls, which have been designed by Anna Kraitz and Gustav Kraitz in consultation with the acoustician Jan-Inge Gustafsson. The wall elements work diffusively and are central to the sound character of the room. Otherwise, the walls are equipped with ribbed paneling, which also has a sound-diffusing effect, albeit at higher frequencies. In the ceiling there is a suspended ceiling consisting of six large reflectors, all of which function as both reflecting and diffusing elements. The hall is equipped with theatre technical equipment, such as stage lighting placed on wire-drawn pipes, a high-quality speaker system and a projector for showing pictures and films.

If you have thoughts and ideas about stage activities that can develop RAVINEN into a national and international cultural center – please contact Stefan Klaverdal, music and performing arts program manager, sk@ravinenkultur.se or Charlotta Jönsson, director/curator, cj@ravinenkultur.se.